welcome to folia


by bringing together the industry’s best, folia’ homes and communities bring a sense of balance, harmony, and simplicity.  


every community and home have been carefully detailed to create a streetscape that blends the best of the past while embracing the future.


we believe that our environments help shape our lives; our stories; and that crafting our homes and communities is a sacred calling meant to enhance our life experience and journey.  


we are creating extraordinary places for present and future generations to bring their stories to life.


a place where each and every

detail and finish seamlessly work together to create your “nesting” place…

where life can be lived simply...

the heart of it all

building and maintaining a thriving community requires a collaboration of creativity, skill, talent and unique stories.  A solid foundation is a must for every life, home and community and we owe it to one another to uphold certain basic values.


these values lay the foundation for folia’ communities and guide the way residents, guests, and businesses live, work, and play with one another.


they are the outline for developing new chapters in our stories.

our values


respect for all– The cornerstone of community.

generosity – It’s better to give than receive.

individuality– Celebrate uniqueness!

creativity – You were created to shine.

relationship – The best part of any story.

beauty – Find it wherever you are.  It’s there, you just need to open your heart and eyes!

simplicity – Slow down and smell the roses.

excellence If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it right.

from the heart – Life is worth living.  Don’t miss out!


simply, more...

(latin) nest; a place of retreat, rest or refuge.  

a place to call home.

world class mixed-use and residential communities

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